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Alternative Green Energy Solutions (AGES) Pvt Ltd is an offshoot of Ayurvet Ltd (formerly known as Dabur Ayurvet Ltd), we started our operation in 1992, for more than two decades our organization has been providing safe efficacious and dependable farming and livestock management solutions.

Our Hydroponic Technology is : “INDIA’s FIRST HYDROPONICS MACHINE PATENTED, COMMERCIALLY TESTED & APPROVED BY THE MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.” This technology was conceptualized looking into the environmental concerns that are going to arise before mankind in near time to come i.e.

 Scarcity of land
 Scarcity of water
 Scarcity of manpower
 Pollution of all environmental resources.
On the given premise our organisation that believes and constantly works towards: Sustainability. We came out with hydroponics technology that gives solutions for organic feed production range for livestock and agriculture all 365 days in an year.
Today we take the pride in sharing that we have more than 50 satisfied business partners across the country who have adapted our technology and have witnessed transformation on their socio-economic and environmental values. This list also includes all the prestigious veterinary universities of India, who have installed our machines as part of extensive study purposes and have found our engineering excellence to be one of its class.


To be leader in proving cost effective solution though hydroponics technology for production of quality feed & food


Sustainable cultivation of Hydroponics Green Feed & Food for livestock and human being respectively using traditional knowledge and modern research.

Introduction to

The word hydroponics has been derived from the Greek word where ‘Hydro’ means water and ‘Ponic’ means working, i.e. Working water. Plants require 3 things to flourish- water, nutrients & sunlight; Hydroponics is a straightforward way of providing all these nutrients without the need of soil under controlled environment conditions to optimize the growth of plants.


Benefits of Hydroponic Fodder:

Hydroponics fodder is a highly effective particularly nutritious feed, which produces 3 times more protein as compared to conventional fodder. It has high energy content and very high moisture content. Feeding livestock hydroponically produced feed may increase considerably the fertility rates of cattle. Hydroponics fodder can also help improve the quality & quantity of milk production.

Comparison of Hydroponics fodder with conventional fodder


Nutrient Grain Conventional Fodder Hydroponics Fodder
Protein% 10.1 11.5 28
Fibre% 6.80 18X10X9 30
Energy (kcal/kg) 3900 2600 4727
Ash% 2.79 11.4 5.70

An important factor about growing green feed in our hydroponics machine is that it is completely natural product. Therefore, there are no pesticides or fungicides used that could alternatively contaminate the milk or meat that are being produced.

Overall, our hydroponics fodder producing machine has the potential to allow farmers to yield a green feed that has the ability to provide huge financial & ecological benefits. The use of lesser grazing areas to feed livestock could in turn provide more acreage for food crop production thus improving the economy & sustainability of land. This system also eliminates additional pressure on an already over worked irrigation system & provides lush green feed rich in energy and proteins, highly beneficial in improving animal fertility and milk production. The process of growing green feed hydroponically allows the control of climatic conditions for optimal growth with a guaranteed output per day.

Types of fodder that can be produced:

  • Maize
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Wheat