Green House

Greenhouses incorporating the perfect balance of humidity, temperature and light to permit plants to flourish. Each parameter can be controlled individually depending on the plant requirement. That is about the interiors. As for exteriors, the structure itself is fabricated using quality modern structural materials like steel, aluminum and polycarbonate sheet to suit local weather conditions and with the end purpose in mind. Light in weight good, aesthetic appearance and structurally strong, we fabricate greenhouses to withstand rain, snow and strong winds.
These greenhouses conform to the standard guidelines with parameters modified to suit specifications of customers. Covering films-

  1. Polyethylene- UV stable with maximum light transmission & extra strength.
  • Naturally Ventilated
  • Hi Tech Polyhouse
  1. Shade Nets- Shade nets, knitted or woven, mostly used for net house to protect crop from snow, strong sun, wind & birds.
  2. Insect Proof Nets-To protect crops against insects for better yield.
  3. Rigid Covering- Polycarbonate sheets set the standard for efficient greenhouse covering with results in optimum nurturing.


Irrigation system: The drip irrigation system consists of the following elements:

  1. Primary automatic filtration system
  2. Pumps
  3. Water storage tanks
  4. Drip irrigation system
  5. Fertigation system
  6. Fogging system

Control Panel: Full automatic control of the green house

Shading Screen: The retractable shading screen for climate control.

Fan & Pad: The pad & fan system consists of exhaust fans at one end of the greenhouse and a water distribution pipe on the top of a honeycomb like pad installed at the opposite wall. The air is pulled in greenhouse by the exhaust fans and works on evaporative cooling.

Fogging: The fogging system helps in cooling in extreme climate so that the crops have optimal conditions.

Thermal Screen: It helps in reducing heat loss by reducing the air volume.

Artificial Light: Artificial lighting is needed in area where natural light is scarce and plants do not get the necessary amount of light to develop.

Boom Irrigation: To provide right nutrient at right age of plants

Mist Chambers:  Plants grown through cuttings are requiring mist chamber with high humidity for better vegetative growth. Mist chamber helps in minimising the plant moisture loss and is also helpful for rooting.

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